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We specialise in all types of club insurance as we realise at L A P Insurance Brokers that everyone's policy needs to be unique to them.

We offer tailored insurance packages for sports, social, political, bingo, community and private clubs we offer competitive rates with 'A' rated insurers. Our policies are extensive and completely comprehensive to cover all your needs.

We can quote on any of the following clubs below:


  • Working Men's Clubs

  • Private Members Clubs

  • Sports and Social Clubs

  • Community Centres

  • Snooker Clubs

  • Cricket Clubs

  • Bowling Clubs

  • Rugby Clubs

  • Football Clubs

  • Royal British Legions

  • Bridge Clubs

  • Catholic Clubs

  • Conservative Clubs

  • Constitutional Clubs

  • Ex-Servicemans Clubs

  • Labour Clubs

  • Liberal Clubs

  • Masonic Lodge Clubs

  • Miners Welfare Clubs

  • Political Clubs

  • Royal Air force Clubs

  • Veterans Clubs

  • Village Halls



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